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How Bahati’s 1st born daughter celebrated her 4th birthday!

December 02, 2019 at 10:13
How Bahati’s 1st born daughter celebrated her 4th birthday!

Time must really be flying if Bahati daughter, Mueni is now 4 years old. A while back when the gospel singer admitted to having fathered a baby out of wedlock; he also went on to add that his baby girl meant so much to him despite trying to keep her on the low.

The young girl is also said to have been named after Bahati’s late mother (Mueni) and although her parents relationship did not work out as planned – they still found a way to Co parent.

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Anyway this past weekend baby Mueni celebrated her 4th birthday in style and judging from the photos shared by her mum Yvette; seems that it was all about a birthday photo shoot.

Mueni’s parents birthday wishes

To mark the special day, both Bahati and Yvette went on to share special messages dedicated to their daughter on her 4th birthday.

Yvette wrote saying;

Bahati’s Ex with their daughter

God you blessed my womb, you gave me a seed, you trusted me with this beautiful human. God I might be imperfect in so many ways but God you know I give it all when it comes to being a mother.

To my daughter Mueni,
I wish you could can be old enough to read this, but I know years from now you will. Just want you to know that you’ve brightened my days, you’re my strength. This year you’ve helped me(unknowingly) overcome alot from having suicidal thoughts, healing my anxiety, mental health, to not giving up, to doing odd jobs just to give you the best, to throwing my ego out of the window to work for you and so much more mama. I love you so much my love and you’re all I have Cheers to the joy you’ve brought to everyone around you, the smiles you share and the love you give. Here’s to many more years my baby, HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY @MUENI_BAHATI 😍

Bahati on the other hand also wished his baby girl all the best in a special message shared on his Instagram page where he wrote;

To My First Born Daughter #MUENI ❤️ @MUENI_BAHATI First is to WISH you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! A Day like this 4 Years ago you gave me the title A FATHER! – No Lie, I treasure you, the Only One that Reminds of My Late Beloved Mother Lucia Mueni. I Love You and I treasure every Small Opportunity I get to Bond with you. Even though I never get enough times as I Wish I Could but I always Pray to God that all will be Seamless someDay. Even with the distance Created by Factors I’m unable to Control at times- Just Know I gat your back as your father and I work harder every day to give you a Life I never had. And yes, Always Remember that You’re entitled to Own whatever I Own! Again I Love you and I Pray that God Full fills all the Dreams and the Desires of Your Heart. Have the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER.
With Love ♥️
From Daddy!





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