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How Churchill Show comedian lost whopping KSh100K after trusting a friend (Screenshots)

September 01, 2020 at 11:10
How Churchill Show comedian lost whopping KSh100K after trusting a friend (Screenshots)

It takes sweat and sacrifice to get to the top but what many are preview to is your success and not the background to it.

In the digital age, majority have embraced digital platforms to air their content and reach a wider audience with less time restrictions and even resources to boot. YouTube has become everybody’s go-to platform, majority of celebrities turning into vloggers be it entertainment, businesses or personal content.

It hits closer home the minute hackers get access to your channel. You are doomed! Fast-rising Churchill Show comedienne, Nasra Yusuff is crying foul after hackers took over her YouTube channel that had amassed well over 53k subscribers since March.

Churchill Show comedienne, Nasra Yusuff

She explains

Taking to the gram, the Somali beauty wept uncontrollably revealing just how her months of hard work, were reduced to nothing by heartless individuals. Just as she was about to reap the fruits of her labor.

Aki I worked so hard to get 53K subscribers on my YouTube channel,i at times did content while I was sick, but mtu akaamua tu anitese😭😭😭

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Nasra condemns her YouTube channel hackers

She blames herself for letting someone she trusted to get access to her YouTube channel, complete with log in details, hardly did she know the person was out on malice.

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Being the warm-hearted individual she is, Nasra declared she would not expose them.

Yaani all my hard work has been benefiting someone else😭, my account has been hacked by someone who is very intelligent. The person didn’t change my login details, they didn’t change my name, they didn’t do anything to raise an alarm, all they did was make me work hard on the channel so that it benefits them.

Nasra’s YouTube channel hacked

Unknown to her, she made a whooping 100K for her hacker last month before she noticed and stopped posting content about 2 weeks ago but what hurts her most is how she will start from scratch, to build 50K subscribers again. Her humble plea was one;

I’m requesting you guys in my humblest voice, to kindly subscribe to my new channel Nasra help me get back on my feet again. I know we can do this! Leo naomba 5K pekee hio tu imagine😭😭😭hao 45K wengine we will get them as we go on.

Nasra Yusuf sends humble pleas to fans

Meanwhile, she is working on pulling down her previous channel but warned fans to be careful in their dealings.




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