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Huddah exposed for stealing Ksh 4 million from a ‘Mzungu’ in the name of helping orphans in Mathare

May 04, 2020 at 11:20
Huddah exposed for stealing Ksh 4 million from a ‘Mzungu’ in the name of helping orphans in Mathare

Pesa ya laana?

Huddah Monroe has been hustling for years but never did anyone imagine that she can be a con artist – looking for money in the name of helping orphans.

Turns out that a whole back, a lady by the name Chinsie Kiki of hooked up Huddah with a Caucasian tycoon who later fell in love with the petite lady.

According to the lass who went live exposing Huddah for being greedy, liar and a con; she claims the socialite robbed the guy Ksh 4 million which she apparently got to help her children’s home in Nairobi.

Chinsie goes on to add that the 4 million was not only going to the children’s home but to support the older orphans in high school looking up to Huddah; and just like our local politicians she pocketed the money all that money.

Huddah’s children home?

In the video circulating on social media Chinsie talks about how the Caucasian guy fell for Huddah’s story about having a children’s home which provided shelter for several orphans.

And yes, if you remember well there is a time Huddah kept on visiting a certain children home and even purchased walking and standing aid equipments for disabled children in Mathare.

Well turns out that this was to cover up the Ksh 4 million which she probably spent on designer shoes and bags!

Huddah a con?

Most of these ladies claiming to be socialites have proven they can go to all lengths just to make money!

With Huddah’s story already making headlines on tabloids, I guess business is about to drop drastically not because of Corona; but clearly who wants to deal with a street smart hustler llusing orphans as her excuse to live the lavish lifestyle?

Business ladies, Huddah and Vera

Anyway, I guess the Instagram life is nothing but a life and those pushing themselves to get to such levels are not only jokers but idlers with no sense of direction.

Lets now wait for Huddah’s response and just like always….she will deny this too!




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