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Huddah fires at fans following claims she’s selling selling substandard lipstick: If you feel some type of way then go and post all you want online 

May 02, 2019 at 08:23
Huddah fires at fans following claims she's selling selling substandard lipstick: If you feel some type of way then go and post all you want online 

Socialite Hudda Monroe is not reasoning with customers who took to social media to complain about his cosmetics line because she believes it’s pure malice.

On social media, people have been complaining about her make up line saying it has lost it’s quality.

“Well seeing the way people praise these mattes I think basi I am the only one who was disappointed by them. They transfer like crazy hata kwa straw ya soda 🙄. It’s ok najua niko pekee yangu 🤣 NB: watu wa kusema fake and original I bought 5 of them at that shop at World Business Center yenye inajiita Six Figure Cosmetics and iko na picha kubwa ya Huddah. Each was Kshs. 1000.” said a one fan. 

Fatuma added, “Was the best, used them for the longest time, lakini aki wameharibu, nimerudi kwa pop.”

“Whack! Whack! Bought mine at Six figure cosmetics and got disappointed… Woi ni tubaya😑😑😑 ,” complained Jacqueline.

Valentine commented, “Btw it’s true nowadays they stain I use luscious red and I am disappointed, the quality has totally changed.”

“Huddah varies. They only one that hasn’t disappointed me is vamp. The rest wacha tu. Are they manufactured by the same company? Quality is east and west!”Cathy added.

Kaguri wrote, “I bought two in January at 1k each… saa hii zishakauka😥 huddah lipstick nigutee.”

Working together

Huddah said that her business always puts customers first but also pointed out that people are after tarnishing her product’s name.

“We Huddah Cosmetics give the highest priority to our clients because your happiness means more to us than our own. We will never want to give out bad products because we use them too on a daily basis.

“If you have a problem with our products call. If we don’t help you, and you feel some type of way then go and post all you want online. But posting without calling us to question or ask how we can help we know that is pure malice….” said the Huddah Cosmetics proprietor.

She added that sometimes, women are just after bring others down.

“Be that woman that tries to help others understand a problem and how we can solve it to make Huddah Cosmetics great together… You can’t shine trying to dim other people’s light. You don’t know how much work people put in to build a brand…

“If you feel it’s not the brand of your choice, there are a million more brands around the world that you can try to your satisfaction,” posted Monroe, before thanking her loyal customers.

“We would also like to say thank you very much to all of you who support us and for keeping our product the number one brand in town.”




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