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Huddah Monroe mourning the loss of her aunt who passed on yesterday

October 05, 2017 at 14:58
Huddah Monroe mourning the loss of her aunt who passed on yesterday

Death is something we all dread but it is something that every human being will have to go through since it is part of the life cycle.

Former socialite Huddah Monroe is currently mourning the loss of one aunt who passed on yesterday as revealed through her instagram page where she made the announcement.

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Though she did not reveal what caused the lady’s death, she expressed how sad and shocked to have received the message. She also went on to add that she prays that God’s comfort will help her family get through this hard time.

Huddah's post

Huddah’s post

Huddah also did not mention anything about the funeral plans but since she comes from a Muslim family, her aunty might have already been laid to rest.

We from the Ghafla team send our heartfelt condolesences to Huddah and her family as they go through this trying time.





  1. My condolences to her


  3. Pole sana Huddah

  4. May she rest well,RIP

  5. Sorry Huddah,wil pray for u

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