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Huddah Monroe set to see her brand in Kenya collapse after savagely calling Kenyans ´Sharks that smell blood´

May 24, 2019 at 12:20
Huddah Monroe set to see her brand in Kenya collapse after savagely calling Kenyans ´Sharks that smell blood´

Huddah Monroe publicly slams the Kenyan land calling it a jungle and a sea full of sharks who smell blood but Kenyans clap back hard at her.

According to her, the outside world speaks volumes in reference to Kenya which she believes is nothing short of a jungle and an animal kingdom.

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Unfortunately, the Kenyan people would do all that is in their power to tear one down, instead of helping each other grow, therefore spelling doom to Africa.

The lass further adds:

You can´t trust anyone in that Jungle.

Country full of Animals…

Jealousy, envy, hatred is the Motto!

And in conclusion, the fierce socialite expresses:

Kenya is a sea full of sharks.

And they all smell blood!

The Boss Chick expresses this in posts seen by Urban news blatantly expressing:

Clap back

However, Kenyans haven´t spared her either clapping back at her citing:

Did she forget she used to tear people down too?

I hav no idea why she is always so full of herself, like she cn mke it thru ths life alone..sm1 shud remind her dt no man is an island.
Yet most of her support for the cosmetic line Is from Kenya smh🚮🚮
Who has she built so far
Does she live in Kenya ama she migrated?
Unfortunately, there will always be the flock that follows their shepherd:
Where is the lie tho?? Look at the few comments on this post… Negativity everywhere… People are so angry in Kenya
Well,it’s the truth. I don’t think if she was referring to every Kenyan to be an animal, but a specific group of people, whom in reality they are.
Such kind of scathing remarks about her motherland could probably be the start of her brand´s downfall in Kenya.

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  1. @nicksonkyegon : May 24, 2019 at 3:08 pm

    Ooh! She fine fine…

  2. It’s always great to succeed. But has anyone ever seen the truly wealthy and successful bragging online about their wealth or success? Bill and Melinda Gates partying in Hollywood? The Kenyattas showing off?. Smacks of a still very insecure little girl seeking validation. True wealth is humble.

  3. Just be warned morning Dew,pride comes before a fall.

  4. Be warned little morning Dew, pride comes before a fall.
    Kwani kwenu ni wapi

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