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Huddah warns Kenyan ladies from sleeping with poor guys

August 29, 2018 at 06:43
Huddah warns Kenyan ladies from sleeping with poor guys

Socialite Huddah Monroe is out here giving advice yet again. We don’t know how many will take it home.

The socialite has been having a lot to share lately know that she claims she’s been in a relationship for the better part of 2018. Monroe has asked ladies to avoid giving that cookie to broke guys.

No to brokenness

Dishing advice in her DM on instagram, the socialite warned other female from sleeping with poor men because they might end up with them.

“Money or Love?” her fan  asked. 

She went on to give an intellectual reply.

”No, in life you choose your own destiny meaning you dictate where you want to end up. If you sleep with a Kibra man you’ll end up in Kibra. If you sleep with a king you will end up in a Palace. Don’t let your emotions confuse where you want to go.” Huddah wrote in response.

Well, that’s Huddah’s argument.







  1. Huddah we have seen how old you look, peleka upuzi mbali

  2. Girl with an empty head, its a shame!

  3. Timothy Njenga : August 29, 2018 at 10:28 am

    Let people choose who they want to sleep with..shenzi type

  4. Fuck you Huddah, no man was born rich and a person,s current situation does not reflect his entire father come up from nothing and manged to facilitate education for all his siblings. I will continue to sleep with and support my B.F hadi mwisho..i hve a house of my own n we live together and i pay the bills, but the guy is on a come up of his own, so i dont care

  5. Everybody out here criticizing but they only wish ??you nailed it babyG.?we aint giving them chills?

  6. Shit got to this level like selling pussy to the highest bidder, and not working your way up

  7. Thina ni umaguo na kuria uuru umuthi tikuo kwa rucio so don’t be misled

  8. Sleeping with men for how much they have in the pockets…is prostitution and reading pussy…una mapepo wewe

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