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“I am looking for a responsible, mature man to be the father of my 4 kids” Jacqueline Wolper hunts

March 25, 2020 at 14:11
"I am looking for a responsible, mature man to be the father of my 4 kids" Jacqueline Wolper hunts

Tanzanian movie star, Jacqueline Wolper is worried about age catching up with her single and without children.

The bongo businesswoman is thriving in the fashion industry but away from business, she has no one to call her ‘babe’ or ‘mom’.

It is a dark world for her when she is out of office because as everyone goes home, she misses the warmth that a true home would bring to her.

Tanzanian fashion stylist, Jacqueline Wolper

A family

The bongo actress is worried sick that she is aging without any sign of a man showing interest in settling with her.

In a bid to curb the issue at hand, the celebrity went on a public online hunt for a man to be her husband and father to her kids.

“It is now my time, 2020 and 2021 to have a child” she declared. The only hitch is:

However, what is delaying me is finding the right man.

Bongo actress, Jacqueline Wolper

The fashion stylist believes a well-molded family is one that has a mother and a father, nurturing their child together and under one roof.

Nothing pains me as much as seeing single mothers who have now become so many. No one should lie to you because nothing is as precious as the love of a mother and a father to a child as well as respect.


For her, she desires at least 4 children and all from the same man. However, she has her flaws and wants a mature, single man.

My dream is to have at least 4 children from the same man. I am having a tough time because I am a person who is easily irritated and one who holds to grudges. I am therefore not in the business of dealing with an immature man or a family man. No! What I need is a responsible man to be the father to my kids.

Jacqueline Wolper

Among the qualities she is looking for in a man to settle with are:

  1. Not rich.
  2. Should be hardworking and not choosy of odd jobs.
  3. A God-fearing person and not a drug abuser.
  4. Not a celebrity.
  5. Neat and not anyone’s baby daddy.
  6. 30 years and above of age.

Further revealing she does not care whether the man is employed or not, they will toil together until they become wealthy.

Bongo film star, Jacqueline Wolper

Wolper later pulled down the post, citing that too many men had flocked her DM seeking her hand. Her husband-hunt is set to continue once the Covid-19 crisis ends.

The actress part ways with Bongo music star, Harmonize back in 2017 before he moved on with Italian babe, Sarah Michelotti.






  1. its better to have children but remember this children are granted by God pray more and you will get it

  2. Do I have a chance, am from kisumu

  3. Mwesige Joseph : June 17, 2020 at 12:29 am

    Hey Jack, am really interested to be father and mother for our future kids, am 32 years, no child yet, am not rich but have a Diploma in Accounts, may we try this please

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