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“I am not a prostitute” Huddah sets record straight

February 09, 2021 at 10:00
“I am not a prostitute” Huddah sets record straight

Huddah has heard it all but the best part is that she always finds a way to hit back at her haters. Unlike other socialites, I believe that Huddah gets emotional while interacting with fans; hence her bitter or rather hurt feelings while ranting.

Star Gal Huddah Monroe

As for the likes of Vera Sidika, Risper and Shakilla – just to name a few; they rarely abuse their haters but choose to use the insults for their own benefit. And trust me, fans hate the fact that they cannot hurt them.

Away from that, just recently Huddah held a QnA session allowing fans to ask whatever they needed answered by her.

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To our surprise for the first Huddah chose to respond to a popular question asked by fans; who needed to know whether she has ever been a prostitute or is currently one.

Huddah with one of her ex boyfriends

Huddah speaks

Well, according to Huddah – most haters who admire and want to live her life are the main people who claim she is a prostitute. But in real sense they are just fans with confused feelings.

Responding to the prostitute question, Huddah said;

That’s what sad, jealous frustrated people  say when they see young successful woman doing her thing. They hate on what they don’t understand. On the contrary what I do with my vagina is none of anyone’s business…Think whatever you want.


Like she said, her body is her business!




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