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“I can still get a baby without a man” Sanaipei Tande reveals why she isn’t in a rush to hook up with a man

November 30, 2017 at 11:13
"I can still get a baby without a man" Sanaipei Tande reveals why she isn't in a rush to hook up with a man

Sanaipei Tande was torn apart following the breakup with Andrew Manga over six years ago. The beautiful songbird has been single ever since.

Sanaa is still skeptical about getting in a new relationship with a man. She was totally devastated by the breakup that she hasn’t been able to love another man to date.

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The sultry singer still loves her ex Andrew Manda. Sanaa admitted she loves Manga some five months ago in an interview on Ebru TV.

Sanaipei Tande and Andrew Manga 

I would love to have a baby

Sanaipei says that at times she feels lonely and that she would love to have a baby and a family of her own. The ‘Amina’ hit maker however states that she does not necessarily needs a man to have a baby.

The 32-year-old singer explains that she will resort to other means if she doesn’t find the kind of man she needs to start a family with. She insists that she must have a baby with or without a man because her biological clock is ticking.

“I would love to have a family, have somebody to take care of because. Let’s be honest about it, as a woman when we get past the age of 30, you start to feel a sense of loneliness and there is a lack of meaning to your life because there is nobody to live for, nobody to do things for. I look forward to that,” said Sanaa.







  1. Wololo…there are so many good guys out here acha hizo Sana!

  2. At 30 women start looking back and wishing they settled in the 20’s

  3. I wish her all the best

  4. You mean she is still searching?

  5. This is true….i feel her

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  7. Still living in is not a rehearsal..I don’t understand Hw an educated person can deny herself happiness coz of another person who left long time ago…wake up to reality n style up gal…u r wasting ur time n life…

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  9. Dear, first let the past go and you’ll find that life is full of good men, the thought you have of having a kid alone, yes it will satisfy your desires but you’ll have caused the kid alot of trouble in future, trust me you might think providing everything to the kid is all they but what matters most is the presence and love of their both parents. You problem isn’t men but you not letting go, come of he let you down or you let him down and he couldn’t take it, trust me he wasn’t made for you and God is redirecting you to the right person, your happiness it’s just that you are blinded by your past, wake up dear.

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