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“I can wear whatever I like” Nicah the Queen savagely replies to critics condemning her skimpy dress in viral video

September 11, 2019 at 09:44
"I can wear whatever I like" Nicah the Queen savagely replies to critics condemning her skimpy dress in viral video

Gospel singer-songwriter, Nicah the Queen has been trending and not for anything good, but for her skimpy outfits.

Kenyans feel she is way under-dressed for her kind of Gospel ministry and are out to criticize her for not abiding by expected standards of servants of God.

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Good night family❣😜 #Jesusgurl

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Just the other day, she shared photos of herself dressed in a two-piece bikini that clearly outline her curvy figure and humongous bum.

However, after savage trolls, she brought them down. But looks like she is now well over it and back to business.

On Monday, the fast-rising gospel artiste shared a short clip dancing to Ringtone and Rose Muhando’s new jam ‘Walionicheka’.

Adorned in a floral dress that cut quite above the knee, she showcased her dancing skills to the amusement of many but to the dislike of others.

In praises, she captions:

Thank you God for the peace and Joy that’s in my house. The praises in my house this night is on another level. Without you God I’m nothing!! I have every reason to be grateful. @ringtoneapoko this song is amaizing….been jamming to it since.

Then a fan identified as ‘Dommy’ commented:

Vaa nguo za praise basi😢

But the gospel queen replied:

I can wear whatever I like in my house😊 I can praise even naked. What’s your own?

Another fan also commented:

@nicahthequeen once you post that’s no longer private. Hii ndio ubaya ya kuokoka juu ya shida si kwendea Mungu juu ya heart matters. Learn from Size 8 she has reshaped..stop attracting attention kama….

But the ‘Ushuhuda’ hit maker clapped back:

You have your own life to live, let me live and enjoy mine, you can think whatever you want to think and my salvation is my responsibility not yours. God bless you and remove the bitterness in your heart.


However, seems it’s not only these 2 fans who had an issue with her kind of dressing and intention in sharing the clip in the first place.

Her comment section is filled with these sentiments:

Mda mwngne tunataman kuckilza klchoimbwa ila Ghafla tena tunajkuta tume-concentrate kwngne kabsaaa 😂😂😂😂😂 ……. Mungu utuhurumie 😢😢😢😢😢😢


She just wants to expose her legs just like she always does.. We aren’t foolish


U dont look gospel you look #pepeta


Why dressing na nyimbo HAVIENDANI?!! Ukiangalia original song kavaa VIZURI kuliko huyu SHAME on HER ….. dmt it


What are you doing babe 😍





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