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“I cry alone in a Ksh 100 million mansion” Ringtone desperate to find a wife after Zari rejected him

December 14, 2018 at 07:09
"I cry alone in a Ksh 100 million mansion" Ringtone desperate to find a wife after Zari rejected him

Gospel singer Alex Apoko, better known as Ringtone, has been very unlucky when it comes to love, the women he wants all turned him down.

Sometimes in 2015, Ringtone declared his interest to marry Ray C but the Tanzanian singer rejected his request to be his wife.

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Then came Zari, Ringtone was desperate to win Zari’s love when she finally broke up with Diamond. The Kenyan gospel singer even surprised Zari with a Range Rover when she came to Nairobi but still he was rejected.


Ringtone has now taken to social media to narrate the pain of being a senior bachelor. He claims that he cries daily in his Kes 100 million mansion asking God why no beautiful girl wants to marry him.



“Mimi ni mpweke sana. Am so lonely. Miaka yangu ya kuoa imefika but sijui ntaoa nani. I cry alone daily in my 1m dollars mansion. I ask god why all the beautiful god loving girls dont want me. Please pray for Me??????,” wrote Ringtone on social media.







  1. Yeah. You had to mention the 1m dollar. ????? . No wonder you don’t got a wife Bruv

    • Consult the kajiado man

    • Money is not everything compared to what God has created. Sorry but hope your ‘god’meant a God ‘with capital’ marriage is not about beauty social class or popularity. Marriage is about what the heart hold on to. Beauty fades the long hair turns grey the outer look vanishes but a poor heart full of love reigns forever.

  2. Pthoo??. Yet one is marrying 2wives in kajiado and he has nothing. Learn something from that. Nkt!

  3. Let him try and look for a wife locally.

  4. Vera Sidika dumped Otile a few days ago. Why don’t you try your luck Ringtone? Ooh! Almost forgot, she is plastic! Sorry.

  5. Is you really lookin for a wive or is you wannah tell us abt 1m??? Take some lessons from the kajiado moran, without them dollars he can pull a first1 just like that! See your life.

  6. Bro, money never builds love man, it only makes you look desperate. It’s not a must you marry a celeb to feel like a man. Look for love like an ordinary man, she will come right to your doorstep.

  7. Bro,do not waste ur self,man luk 4 a lady man???

  8. Consult me. I have a beautiful girl

  9. Michael Onyango : December 14, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    Its not a must you marry, especially when you thought money will bring them running to you, go out and meet real people who font care what you own so long as you own a human soul.there are so many options out there, you can continue to cry in the closet, since God I understand helps those who ho out help themselves. I think you first need to find yourself then you will find her in you. Halafu don’t fall in Love 140% just 20% and then leave yourself the other 120%. Amen.

  10. Am here , Ringtone,dont worry,nitafte,

  11. Nko hapa,nitafte we fill that house with joy,happiness and kids?

  12. Marry any other simple lady don’t go for the rich ladies they will frustrate you na advise take it or leave it.

  13. Mary Mashaka : March 8, 2019 at 9:36 am

    Mtafute God ndo maana hata nyimbo zako hazibariki ju unashinda ukitafuta celeb mwenzako…. And it’s like your worshipping idols.the”god”your reffering to

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