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“I don’t do married men!” Says Huddah

November 07, 2019 at 11:40
“I don’t do married men!” Says Huddah

If you think Huddah is the type of woman to sleep around with other peoples husbands, the you are wrong!

The socialite cum business lady addressed the issue of dating married men through her Instagram page where she revealed that they are not her cup of tea.

According to Huddah, married men are definitely not her type and for this reason prefers to invest her time in better things. Through her Instagram page, Huddah wrote;

When I say I don’t date married men people think it’s a joke lol! But truth is married men are not my cup of tea. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t fall into that category.

Huddah’s post

Huddah’s love life

Unlike most women who prefer showing off their partners on social media, Huddah has always maintained a private lifestyle.

So far we understand that she has dated a number of guys out there but truth is, none of her fans have had the chance to see their faces.

Anyway since Huddah is not getting any younger, hopefully she will soon introduce her to the love of her life.







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