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I don’t mind dating a celebrity again – Nabayet

March 25, 2020 at 11:45
I don't mind dating a celebrity again - Nabayet

Ethiopian babe, Nabayet admitted to still have feelings for Otile Brown, despite moving on with a new guy.

The beauty engaged online fans in a Q&A session and you can bet the questions directed her way, targeted her love life.

She seems to be putting back the pieces after her split with the singer but it takes time before one can completely get over it – if ever they completely do.

Ethiopian queen, Nabayet

A fan posed:

How did you manage to get over Otile?.. Do you listen to the song he sang for you?.. Did you love it back then and still do or no?

Blatantly, Nabbi confessed:

I didn’t. But yes I still listen to that and every single one of his songs, I am a huge fan of his work and I listen to them daily (together or not). Those hits are timeless💕.


Next question: Would she date Diamond Platnumz?

That name oh 😂 but no thanks I’m alright

Asked whether she would date a celebrity again despite their known ‘unfaithfulness’?

Yes, I choose my partner based on their character not their career. If your partner is mature and respectful, he/she would and should respect the relationship, celeb or not. There is a terrible misconception that their lifestyle makes it hard for them to commit and settle down but I beg to defer.

Clarifying the popular misconception society holds about male celebrities, Nabayet explained:

The only things that would make one unfaithful are immaturity, lack of empathy and selfishness! Not their career or anything else for that matter.

The Ethiopian girl however settled for Otile Brown against Khaligraph Jones for one thing: his utter straightforwardness.

Curious Kenyan ex-in-laws could not get enough of Nabbi’s openness, trying to find out more about Otile, them moving on and any new flame in her life.

The Ethiopian bae hinted on currently dating following split with Otile but still in contact with Bad man shivo.






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