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“I fear Zari would be the cause of my mother’s death” Hamisa Mobetto asks Zari to rein in her abusive fans

January 04, 2018 at 10:43
"I fear Zari would be the cause of my mother’s death" Hamisa Mobetto asks Zari to rein in her abusive fans

The beef between Zari and Hamisa Mobetto is affecting third parties. Apparently Hamisa’s mother Shuffa Latigunga is having sleepless nights because of the rivalry between her daughter and Zari.

Hamisa Mobetto says derogatory comments from Zari’s fans ‘Team Zari’ is affecting her mother’s health. The rift between Zari and Hamisa has been escalated by their online fans.

The rival fans even attack family members of both Zari and Hamisa. Shuffa Latigunga is deeply affected by Team Zari’s attacks on her.

Hamisa Mobetto’s mother Shuffa Latigunga

Blood pressure

Hamisa Mobetto reveals that her mom’s blood pressure keeps on shooting up whenever she reads the comments from Team Zari.

The Tanzanian model told Risasi Newspaper that Zari could be the cause of her mom’s death. She asked Zari to rein in her followers before their rivalry turns fatal.

“Honestly speaking,I fear Zari would be the cause of my mother’s death. Her social media followers’ attacks on my mother and I are getting out of hand.They’re constantly abusing my mother without any justification. Some remarks made against her by ‘Team Zari’ are too offensive to the point when she reads them her blood pressure shoots to dangerous levels,” Hamisa Mobetto told Risasi.






  1. Its u who is going to cause your own mothers death . if u had not opened your legs to diamond as fast as a google page all those insults would be no where . i dnt support people who abuse your mum but as for u( Hamisa) we need to give u level. We have no chill pills for them whores

    • Marynah Keitah : January 5, 2018 at 11:12 am

      Waw thats what she wanted in the first place if ur stupidity and ignorance dint rule u, this wouldnt be happening to ur side hamise ur just a shameless whore

  2. Charlene Muliro : January 4, 2018 at 11:06 am

    Tell her to quit social media,she is too old for that

  3. The solution is to go offline if she is being affected

  4. The best way is to end their childish feuds

  5. The insults are too much, i suggest she minds her own business..offline forever

  6. Tell her to be offline for her healthy

  7. What time does your mother do parenting duties because she is ONLINE through out. There is nothing you can do to fans. If you were a grown ass woman, we would not be reading this online. The wisest move would have been to reach out to Zari without all these side shows. In other news,mwambie huyo nyanya awe offline awache kufuata umbeya.

  8. zari is strong women and its have stong heart

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  11. u started it all so imposed pressure on zari thinking that she would die n u take up diamond,see its yo mother now. had u kept a low profile things would be fine with yo mum.other girls whom diamond slept with are quite for u yo there trying to expose yo stupidity. if i may ask why is yo mother still opening fb? this is a monkey dance never try to practice it with a short tail.

  12. Let her stop reading the comments let her mind about her health.
    Her daughter is still young and she has to see the forth coming generation.
    No words said against you shall prosper

  13. hahahahahhahaha, my dear, your mother is too old for social media btw so I wonder why you’re even throwing your problems at us. we don’t care. well, if her blood pressure rises it will be because she doesn’t mind her age’s business and also because you couldn’t mind your grasshopper legs. yes, I am being harsh because what you were doing to Zari was harsh. darling face the consequences of your actions.

  14. Silence is the best solution for everything, the more you keep us updated on your daily life, you give us a chance to keep our eyes on you…
    Better you leave a secret life, run your businesses, look after your son and find ways of prospering…

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