‘I got trapped under a Matatu and it was still moving. The left part of my face got scrapped off’ – Betty Kyalo shares how she cheated death

December 11, 2018 at 15:03
'I got trapped under a Matatu and it was still moving. The left part of my face got scrapped off' - Betty Kyalo shares how she cheated death

K24 news anchor Betty Kyalo cheated death after a matatu ran over her while town at the age of 17 years.

Through her Insta-Stories, Kyallo shared the sad details of  the accident that happened near Railway Bus station and almost killed her.

“So I wanna tell you a story so yesterday, I met with somebody who asked why I have a scar on my neck. So basically what happened when I was in Form three back in 2005, I think I was 17 years old. So I was walking in tao and crossing the road and this Matatu comes and hits me, hapo Railways, I go got trapped under the Matatu and it’s still moving.

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“The left part of my face got scrapped off by the road, so I was while from the shoulder to the face. So my skin is gone , at 17 year old my dream of becoming a news anchor also gone, because I knew they will not allow you on Air with no skin” said Betty in the post.

Huge scar

Betty went on to add that she was hospitalized for two months after the accident.

“I stayed in hospital for about 2 month’s coz I had to go through seven surgeries. I was too broken. And apart from the face, I lost four ribs, my jaw got broken, my lungs collapsed, I was in a real bad state. So two months later I walked out of Hospital but my skin was still peeled off, for about like four months I was scared on walking on the streets because everybody could look at me and feel sorry for me. So I will go to tao with a Kitambaa covering my face. But with time I gained confidence, so one time while at school showering I discovered a dark thing on my face and I realized my skin was growing back” she said. 


“So slowly by slowly my skin started to grew back and after a year, the skin was back . The scar on my neck was too deep and that’s why I still have it. For a very long time even after I went on I used to wear high collared shirts to cover my scar coz I was insecure about them. Until one time I was like am gonna , you know what , I almost lost my life , what am I hiding. Coz this is jewelry,.

“I wear my scar as a jewelry I never hide my scars and I love it because it reminds me of where I came from. And that’s the story behind my scars. Just to encourage someone, wear that scar and let it inspire someone else, learn from it don’t let it break you”  said Betty Kyallo.




  1. Kenyans trash you,coz you blessed,majority of them ain’t. You are a woman who’s making ends meet and Kenyans don’t comply with your lifestyle.filled with sorrow with your misfortune at 17 yrs but thank God you still A queen.Keep on slaying,let them keep on hating.

  2. Oh my God!!so sorry for that betty

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