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“I had a guy for everything” Diana Marua comes clean about her dark past with men (Video)

October 27, 2020 at 15:08
"I had a guy for everything" Diana Marua comes clean about her dark past with men (Video)

Diana Marua has managed to keep details about her past life on the low; especially now that she is involved with singer Bahati. However those who knew her from back then were ready to expose the young lass; but luckily she somehow survived this.

However right after celebrating her 5th anniversary with Bahati; Marua decided to share a new vblog where she narrated life before meeting the singer who changed her life for the better.

Diana Marua and Bahati set wedding date

Just like most light skinned petite and beautiful women living in Nairobi; Ms Marua had more than one boyfriend to support her lifestyle. Speaking about this, for the first time Diana Marua went on to admit living a wild life that she is not proud of.

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Dating men for money

According to Marua, having struggled during her childhood years – she made it her mission in life not to ever go through the same in life.

According to Ms Marua, she always fished out guys who were able to help her out with money; and this is how she ended up with a lot of guys.  Although this is a lifestyle lived by many young women; Ms Marua remains grateful that Bahati chose her when she didn’t even have an idea of dating for real love.

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Years later and she is now a mother of Bahati’s 2 kids and of course Morgan who is said to have been adopted by Bahati; but something about their striking resemblance makes them look like relatives.

Anyway, watch the video below for more information.




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