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“I had just started living my dream, before life took a total flip,” Kamene Goro reveals mega plans before Corona hit

September 16, 2020 at 12:17
“I had just started living my dream, before life took a total flip,” Kamene Goro reveals mega plans before Corona hit

Kamene Goro has time and again been praised for her high work ethic and discipline levels when it comes to work.

Something her Kiss Fm co-host, Jalang’o affirmed during one of their morning sessions. Kamene however this morning painfully revealed how all her hard work was literally going to waste with as Coronavirus totally shrinked all her plans for the year.

Kamene Goro living her dream life

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Having worked all year and finally looking to restructure and improve her living standards and those of her loved ones, the year instead totally worked against her.

You’re literally on call like a doctor. I realized I worked so long, so hard, I finally got it. I was finally living my dream but I didn’t have anything to show. January came in and I was like, Kamene this 2020 is your year. You are not going to compromise, we are here and we are winning. So we started the show in Jan and I kept postponing my holiday.

Kiss FM duo, Kamene Goro and Jalango

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But even before she could reward her successes, buy that new car, move into that new house and even meditate on her life, days took a different turn. It was no longer about luxuries, she was in fact struggling to survive, where all her money went, remains a mystery but if anything, her heart has totally been crushed.

Then Corona hit and everything was crushed. All the plans I had, a new car, a new house, upgrading my life, taking care of my extended family, all of that came to a screeching halt. And then nikaingia survival mode. We kept pushing work but I had nothing to show for it. Roughly a month ago, my life took a total flip.

Curvy babe, Kamene Goro

The pressure on them has been so much, the comedian and MC revealed that come this Christmas holiday season, the  team would be treated to a 2-week vacation at the Coast and he just cannot wait for it.




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