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“I hate Kenya!” Huddah Monroe

January 23, 2020 at 13:43
“I hate Kenya!” Huddah Monroe

Just like most Kenyans, Huddah Njoroge is fed with the the struggles we are facing in the country.

In a post shared on her Instagram stories Huddah goes on to reveal that she hates Kenya and not Kenyans. However this post seems to have rubbed social media users the wrong way as they now threaten to boycott her cosmetics.

50% of men I meet these days disgust me – Huddah Monroe

Through her Instagram page Huddah went on to write saying;

Mtawacha ujinga! I hate KENYA, I don’t hate Kenyans. Kila saa Huddah cosmetics is cancelled. Blah! Blah! Blah! I am a MISTRESS of ALL TRADES! I’m in all kinds of businesses! If one fails. On to the next! You will wait for a long time to see me FAIL!


Huddah not threatened

After being so open about her hatred towards Kenya, Huddah now says that no man or woman can put her down!

Huddah with one of her ex boyfriends

In another post the lady went on to say that only God has the power over her life and not anyone else. This comes after she received a lot of negative response following her post on social media.





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