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“I know that one day I will be a mum” Kambua finally speaks about having children

March 22, 2018 at 08:49
"I know that one day I will be a mum" Kambua finally speaks about having children

Gospel singer Kambua has been married to her husband Jackson Mathu for 6 years now but the two still don’t have kids.

Well, this has given many a chance to keep questioning as to why Kambua is not giving birth. Others also go to an extent of leaving nasty comments under her photos thinking they would trigger the lady to start a family already.

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Anyway, Kambua has revealed that even with such rude and hurtful comments she continues to carry on with her life. Not everyone would understand her situation but she would like people to mind their own business!

First of all I need to tell people to mind their own business. When you’re talking about people you never know what their struggle is. What they are dealing with. We need to be more sensitive towards people.

Planning to have children soon

Just recently while speaking to Kiss FM’s Chito Ndhlovu, Kambua opened up about her future plans on becoming a mother; but as for now she is focusing on her music. She went on to say;

I know that some day, not today, I will be a mum but until then I’m gonna be doing my music and serving God in the best way I know best. We need to celebrate one another at whatever stage we are at!





  1. My dear sister you are a Blessing to many just continue serving God . Seek yes first the kingdom of God sand ALL will be added to you . Shalom

  2. Kambua you are a blessings to many of us with ur music and presentations ,every seed u sow u will harvest it in Jesus name,I speak blessings in all different areas of life in Jesus name, continue serving God and he will never put u to shame.

  3. God’s time is the best, trust upon God only.

  4. We love ad support you my sister.. You are a true representation of a Christian woman. Humble principled, godly, loving, modest ad my list continues.

  5. Shiphillah Wanjiru : March 22, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    What’s the fuss all about?People should learn to mind their business!Gods timing is the best and when the time comes,His perfect will will be manifested.You’re blessed Kambua.

  6. You inspire me greatly, keep doing what you are called for. He is the God of times and seasons. Sure enough it is in His plans to prosper you in all aspects.

  7. Never listen to what people say Kambua….keep pressing on and surely God’s time is the best..
    Kambua God bless you

  8. Concepts Lude : June 8, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    People should mind their own business.God has the final say.

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