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“I love your hands Migush” Lady gets rude shock from Miguna Miguna after she makes romantic advances to him

November 14, 2017 at 10:40
"I love your hands Migush" Lady gets rude shock from Miguna Miguna after she makes romantic advances to him

Miguna Miguna is a cold-hearted man. The opinionated barrister rudely shushed a slay queen who tried conquering him with love.

Miguna Miguna has made it clear countless times that he doesn’t tolerate sideshows. The former Prime Minister aide demonstrated utmost savagery when a lady distracted him while he was conveying an important message.

Miguna took to Twitter to inform Nasa supporters about Raila’s return to Kenya. He invited Nasarites to JKIA to welcome Baba back home from his trip in US.

“ANNOUNCEMENT: The #NRM and @CoalitionNASAKe invite millions of patriots to walk to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and welcome THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT @RailaOdinga to Kenya from the USA on Thursday 16 November 2017! Take over Nairobi on that day! #DemocracyNotDictatorship,” tweeted Miguna.

I love your hands Migush

A certain Muna_Ali‏ (@lelita_lelii) replied to Miguna’s tweet showing how much she loves him. The tweep asked Miguna whether he would be at JKIA when Baba returns so that she could feel his hands.

“awwww ?? will you be there too Migush!!?? I love your hands ? Maybe I’ll get to shake them ?,” Muna Ali tweeted.

The lady got a rude reply from her crush and KOT couldn’t help but laugh at her. Miguna told her off saying that she should be reasonable and remain focused.

“How will you find me amidst one million people; let’s be reasonable and be focused!” Miguna Miguna replied to Muna Ali.






  1. Miguna is just so full of himself

  2. Poor queen was so mad i can only imagine

  3. This is just too hilarious

  4. Miguna stop acting sweet..appreciate a lady for the effort

  5. Hehehe poor girl

  6. Gial I Also Got Lovely Hands, Come To Me.

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