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I make a lot of money from my Kenyan fanbase – Diamond Platnumz reveals

February 19, 2020 at 10:58
I make a lot of money from my Kenyan fanbase - Diamond Platnumz reveals

Bongo Flava kingpin, Diamond Platnumz has shockingly revealed that he makes significant amount of money from his Kenyan fan-base.

Further speaking of how he bagged home, a clean Ksh 6.5 million from the Chrome Invasion New Year Party.

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Not just gigs but from digital platforms like YouTube, where Kenyans take the greater portion.

On YouTube, most views are from Kenya – Diamond Platnumz

But what concerns him is the kind of support Kenyan fans give him but deny their very own local artists, similar growth.

It´s important for people to support musicians from their country. For example, I´ve gotten a lot of support from Kenya especially on my digital platforms. On YouTube, most views are from Kenya. If they can support me why can´t they support their own? I make a lot of money from YouTube, I am making a lot of money. If I can make money then why can´t other musicians do it?

However, Platnumz clearly stated how lucrative the music industry is and artists can decided whether or not they want to make money.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

How you brand yourself is very important – Diamond advises fellow artistes

According to the bongo icon, brand is important, artistes should not settle for lesser than what they believe they should get.

How you brand yourself is very important. There is money in music, if you want to make money, you can and if you don´t, you won´t. Have a set fee and if people can´t match up, then they can leave.

Before insisting, that despite one´s brand level, don´t play the fans for fools.

Don´t force people to pay you a lot of money if you cannot give them value for their money.





  1. diamond ako na madharau sana, all these years, he is not supporting kenyan artists yet ni kenya imemuinua kuliko any other country. fuck diamond

  2. Simba your music is consumable in all house holds though not gospel even pastors listen to it. You are in another league why lie fine music bro… Kudos

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