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“I miss you so much! Wema Sepetu emotional post to her late lover, Stephen Kanumba

April 08, 2020 at 12:42
“I miss you so much! Wema Sepetu emotional post to her late lover, Stephen Kanumba

Actress Wema Sepetu joined hundreds of fans to remember the beautiful life Stephen Kanumba lived before his untimely death 12 years ago!

Well, so far we have seen many Bongo celebrities including Wema Sepetu share incredible photos; which she went on to caption explaining the happy times she shared with Kanumba.

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In the first photo Wema Sepetu went on to open up by writing;

Wema and Kanumba

Keep Resting Easy My Booboo…🥰❣️🥰…
In our Hearts Always & Forever… .
Picha ya Kwanza- Kwa mara ya Kwanza Booboo wangu amepata award yake ya Kwanza ya John Reeber.

Working with Kanumba

Before getting into a relationship with the late Stephen Kanumba; Wema Sepetu had previously worked with the actor on several projects that saw her brand get bigger and better with time.

For this reason she posted the second photo whereby she narrated her working experience with Kanumba saying;

The late Kanumba with Wema

Picha ya pili- Moja katika scenes za movie yetu ya kwanza pamoja “A point of no return”
Picha ya tatu- moja kati ya scenes za movie ya Pili “Red Valentine”

Music lover

In yer another photo Ms Sepetu also revealed that the late Kanumba also loved music and every time they were together; he would take her out to listen to a live band.

Ex lovers the late Kanumba with Wema Sepetu

Picha ya nne- tulikuwa Kwenye Band Akudo Impact…🤣 Booboo alipenda sana Mziki wa Band… We used to have a good time… 🥰🥰🥰Picha ya Tatu- Mapenzi Tele… Ona macho yetu…🥰🥰🥰Tulikuwa sooo inlove… .

Although he has been gone for a years now, Wema Sepetu confessed that she still remains in love with her late boyfriend. She concluded saying;

I miss you so much… Loving u all day, eerday booboo…!!!




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