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“I miss your late father so much,” Ruth Matete painfully admits as baby Toluwa turns 1 month old

November 23, 2020 at 11:49
“I miss your late father so much,” Ruth Matete painfully admits as baby Toluwa turns 1 month old

It has been a month since Pastor Ruth Matete welcomed her bouncing baby girl, Toluwa but memories of her late husband continue to linger in her mind.

Monday, April 5, the Kenyan gospel singer lost her Nigerian husband, Pastor Belovedjohn Apewajoye who succumbed to burn injuries sustained in a gas explosion at their home on March 30.

Her late husband left behind an unborn baby and a wife whose battles ever since, have not been anything easy.

Fortunately mid-October 2020, a dear Ruth successfully welcomed her new bundle of joy, a princess she names baby Reyna Toluwa.

Pastor Ruth Matete

In a long, heartfelt letter to the month-old baby girl who was not privileged enough to physically meet her daddy, a dear Ms Matete pens;

“Am not a poet, but the words I write here, are from my heart.”

“I pray for you on this special day. That you will grow to serve the Lord. You will spread the good news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,” her letter reads.

Baby Reyna Toluwa

Sharing a cute photo of baby Toluwas adorable feet, the singer sweetly admits;

“I declare today that your feet are beautiful. Not just because they look like your father’s,😍 but also because they will bring good news as the word of God declares.”

In loving memory of her late husband

A dad she was not privy to meet, but born to parents who mark 1 year anniversary since walking the isle on November 22.

Ms Matete wedding

Unfortunately, Ruth is still hurting from her loss;

“A day like this a year ago your late father and I walked down the isle. Yes, we did😊😥. Promised to be together till death do us part. But death came earlier than we expected. 😭😭 I miss him so much,” she cries out.

“Today may not be such an easy day for mummy. But I promise you, I’ll be fine. 😊,” Matete comforts.

Ruth Matete

Wrapping up by admitting that she is still not able to work and for those that wish to support them then;

“Friends, our till number remains the same, 5495849. Whatever you can, will go a mighty long way as am still not able to work. God bless you friends and please keep us in your prayers🙏.”

Fans continue to wish her blessings and Gods graces as the two embark on their new journey together.




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