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I Prefer Dating Old Men- Slay Queen Shorn Arwa

October 05, 2021 at 11:57
I Prefer Dating Old Men- Slay Queen Shorn Arwa

Youtuber and social media sensation Shorn Arwa is well known for fearlessly speaking her mind. Her sentiments mostly revolve around dating men; especially older ones. She has made the slang ‘men will embarrass you’ even more popular; which has left many posing the question on whether she’s dating.

Shorn prefers keeping her dating life away from social media; and doesn’t disclose much about her love life.

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However, she divulged in an interview on Radio Jambo that she likes dating old men. According to her, old men have a mature mind are focused on achieving a lot.

”…I generally love my men older; and with a good gap… 10-15 and above. The above is endless. 50 to the grave. Sipendi mtu mwenye tunaenda kutoshana; because I generally feel like I’m too much to handle. Natakanga mtu mkubwa… I have dated wababa…

The slay queen CEO reiterated her reasons for dating older men; claiming that she ends up being the ‘man’ when she dates younger men.

I’ve also dated guys who are close to my age. Most of the time I realize it’s me who is running the relationship. I become in charge. I tend to think of myself as an alpha. I think I want someone who I can also run to…”

Despite all the disclosure, she is yet to divulge the man currently warming her bed.

Shorn Arwa is just among the few celebrities utilizing freedom of expression with her opinions on relationship mattes.





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