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“I really desire to get a baby” Vanessa Mdee finally ready to start a family

July 30, 2019 at 15:57
“I really desire to get a baby” Vanessa Mdee finally ready to start a family

Tanzanian song bird Vanessa Mdee recently admitted that she is ready to have a child of her own just a few months after breaking up with her boyfriend, Juma Juxx.

Speaking with Lil Ommy during her latest interview Vanessa Mdee admitted to have baby cravings but at the moment she has too much on her plate right now to have a baby.

Vanessa Mdee at Romy Jones birthday

“I really desire to get a baby but God’s time is the best. Right now though I have things that are first priority,”

Hurt by ex boyfriend’s

For the first she also went on to admit that she got hurt after her ex Juma Jux introduced his new Chinese lady on social media. Vanessa went on to add that although she tried ignoring his posts on social media, they still got to her.

Juma Juxx with new girlfriend?

There is a level you can ignore something but it gets to a point you cannot anymore. I remember recently when the guy introduced his ‘Chinese’ lover, I felt something painful in my heart, I felt hurt,

Despite everything that happened between her and her ex, Vanessa says that they continue remain good friends.

Juma and I parted ways a long time ago, nine months ago but we didn’t want to make it public because it would have affected a lot of people and besides that we still partners in several business ventures that we put together. We split yes, but we got nothing but respect for each other we still good friends. About his new girlfriend I also just found out via Instagram at the same time just like everybody else. Besides he is free to do his thing.





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