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“I was a one night stand addict!” Huddah confesses

January 20, 2020 at 12:01
“I was a one night stand addict!” Huddah confesses

Huddah Njoroge is slowly becoming too open on her social media pages. Her latest posts have left many talking thanks to her confession about being a one night stand addict.

Huddah Njoroge

According to Huddah, at the age of 21 she was addicted to sleeping with different partners; and never wanted to keep in touch with any or them.

To her, this was more relaxing than a committed relationship since she has always been open about being a horrible girlfriend. Through her Instagram page the lady made the confession saying;


There is a time at 21, I was a one night stand addict. I never slept with a nigga twice! Never exchange numbers and if you see me in public pass me like we never met or I will embarrass you… Oh good old days. I’m almost 30 now! So many things disgust me now!

Ready to start a family

However now that she is almost 30 years, Huddah says she has changed and is ready to become a wife.

In yet another post Huddah mentioned that she is willing to have 5 children and raise them together with her man. She wrote;

“I know my husband is watching this.The Best woman to marry is Me! Madam Alhuda. Let me blow my own trumpet! I have seen it all. I’m ready to be the mother of your 5 Kids,”




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