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“I was disappointed!” Huddah confesses about her strong feelings towards Nyashinski

March 18, 2020 at 11:17
“I was disappointed!” Huddah confesses about her strong feelings towards Nyashinski

Huddah Monroe is among the many women who were heartbroken after Nyashinski walked down the aisle with the love of his life, Zia Bett!

Speaking to Bridget Shighadi who is also her best friend, Huddah went on to mention a few things that very few fans knew anything about!

Bridget Shighadi and Huddah

For the first time Huddah opened up about her favorite Kenyan artist and unfortunately Khaligraph Jones was not among the listed artists! According to Huddah she only knows Octopizzo and Nyashinski!

The only time she got to go through Khaligraph Jones Instagram page is after he mentioned her on his song – talking about her unanswered phone calls!

Huddah and Nyashinski

Away from that, Huddah went on to mention about her heartbreak and disappointment after learning that Nyashinski had officially wedded another woman; while all along she had a crush on him!

Nyashinski off the market

She went on to tell her best friend Bridget Shighadi,

I was disappointed when he got married, I had a crush on him!

Well, Huddah is not the only woman still battling with the fact that Nyashinski is off the market for good!

Nyashinski with his beloved, Zia Bett, late last year during their traditional wedding ceremony

And now to make matters worse, the fella welcomed his first child with miss Bett a few days ago; and from the look of things he is ready to be a father and husband to his young family.

Khaligraph and Huddah beefing?

It is unclear as to why both Huddah and Khaligraph Jones seem to have some bad blood between them; but all we know is that these two have the same ‘unbothered attitude’ and this could be the reason as to why there seems to be bad blood between these two.





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