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“I was pregnant for Bill Nass” Tanzania’s Nandy opens up

September 11, 2019 at 11:28
"I was pregnant for Bill Nass" Tanzania's Nandy opens up

Bongo sensation, Nandy has admitted that she did get pregnant for her ex-lover, Bill Nass.

The Tanzanian songstress confessed that she got pregnant for the rapper while they were still dating.

In an exclusive interview with ‘Times FM’, theย Kiza Kinene singer revealed that she conceived but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage days later.

Adding that she was super excited to soon be a mother but seems the medicines, her then boyfriend, Bill Nass bought for her, led her to suffer a miscarriage.

Well, I will not dwell on that but yes I was pregnant for him but I suffered a miscarriage. He brought me some medicines which I took and they led to my miscarriage.

Sadly, the sultry singer noted that Bill Nas might have intentionally bought the medicines for the effect but it’s the past and she has forgiven him.

I was excited about the pregnancy and of course I was hurt when I had a miscarriage.

This comes in, barely days after her viral video ‘confirming’ pregnancy rumors. Though she is yet to disclose who the baby daddy is or whether she is actually pregnant in the first place.

However, word on the street is that the two ex-lovers and ‘Bugana’ singers might be back together.

Bugana singers, Nandy and Bill Nass

Car gift

This is further ignited by rumors doing the rounds seemingly implying that Nandy gave the Tanzanian rapper a car she had previously gifted her photographer with.

Previously when Nandy gifted her photographer a Toyota Crown car

Both Nandy photographer’s car and Bill Nass’ are of the Toyota Crown model therefore easily got people thinking it is but the same.

Fans believe after gifting her photographer with the Toyota Crown model, Nandy thereafter took it away from him to hand it over to her ex-lover, Bill Nass.

But Bill Nass has a different side of the story. For him, the Toyota Crown car he owns is his, one he solely bought therefore not a gift from Nandy.

Adding that he actually owns 2 cars, both registered under his name.

Unajua watu wanapenda sana kuongea. Ukiangalia gari langu na la yule mpiga picha ni tofauti kabisa, watu wanaongea vitu wasivyovijua. Mimi ninamiliki magari mawili siwezi kupewa gari na Nandy, tena ambalo ameshampa mtu zawadi.





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