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“I was so sure it was Coronavirus!” DJ Soxxy’s wife narrates life threatening experience

May 20, 2020 at 08:52
“I was so sure it was Coronavirus!” DJ Soxxy’s wife narrates life threatening experience

DJ Soxxy is not a new name in the entertainment industry. In fact apart from hosting gospel shows for TV services on Sunday; he also happens to be quite a comedian.

Away from his busy working schedule; turns out Soxxy is a father and husband in home which he shared with his wifey; Ciku.

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Although she is a quiet person compared to Soxxy, the mother of 2 recently left fans entertained as she narrated her COVID – 19 scare just recently. As seen on her post, Ciku went on to reveal that she has been unwell for a while; and looking at all her symptoms Ciku was sure it was Coronavirus.

DJ Soxxy's wife and Kids

DJ Soxxy’s wife and Kids

Scary experience

According to Ciku, her situation was really serious to a point where her doctors also thought she was infected by the new virus.

On her post she mentions that those attention to her came dressed in PPE just incase – to avoid being infected by whatever she had. However after a few tests here and there, the doctors ruled out the virus diagnosing her with tonsillitis.

Through her Instagram the lovely lady went on to say:

Mrs Soxxy aka Ciku

When your 3year old tells you, ‘don’t worry mama, you are unwell but I got you’ sweet sleep flows… So yesterday I was almost been admitted because I had acute tonsillitis… Those things are not a joke. I was so sure it’s Corona. The doctors also thought so, coz my fever was up the roof, headache, super painful swallowing and talking.. I was secluded and doctors came dressed in PPE…

After the many tests, the doctors finally prescribed strong antibiotics to help fight her infection. But on the bright side atleast it wasn’t the virus.

After they ruled out all my symptoms.. I was sent home with the highest dose of antibiotics and painkillers. I thank God for good health as now I am eating and even walking around. So when Ethan told me he got me despite his tiny body, I felt home in those hands. Lil blessings!

Soxxy and Ciku

This lovely couple has been married for years now and unlike most gospel celebrities; Soxxy and his wife are among the most humble and blessed persons we have come to meet on social media.




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