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I Will Post My Pregnancy Till The Last Minute-Vera Sidika To Haters

October 07, 2021 at 12:36
I Will Post My Pregnancy Till The Last Minute-Vera Sidika To Haters

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Heavily pregnant Vera Sidika will not stop stop posting about her pregnancy at any cost; and she is making it crystal clear to haters. With her baby shower at the corner, the socialite and entrepreneur is having none of the shenanigans from fans criticizing her.

A section of her fans advised her to keep off social media & avoid online trolls to avoid stress when expecting; stating that such might affect the baby.

However, Vera claims that she’s more than comfortable dealing with such people.

”LMAOOO. Y’all with advices ati; stay off social media for sometime. For the sake of my pregnancy. B***h whereee??? I am not going anywhere. I will be here everyday. Post day & night. Y’all can stay off social media not me. I will post to the very last minute!! I’m not leaving social media because of some useless mosquitoes”

Vera continued to state that she actually enjoys dealing with such haters;

”… When I write or post up here. Like I said. It’s not affecting me at all. Personally napenda kusuta watu tu!! Kuwapashaaa!! Remind them haters of their position & remind them to stay on their lanes…”

Reiterating over the same, Vera said that she will giving her haters more reason to h**e; especially with her new Show that is set to premier soon.

” If you think you have enough reasons to h**e, lol. Brace yourself! There’s soo many reasons coming up for u to h**e on. They’re loading…”

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