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“I wish I could just call them” DJ Soxxy’s wife remembers late parents in emotional post

January 20, 2021 at 12:57
“I wish I could just call them” DJ Soxxy’s wife remembers late parents in emotional post

Grief is something that everyone will have to deal with throughout their lives, and it’s important when celebrities speak out about it in a bid to reassure us that we are not alone.

Talking about it can inspire and motivate others to share their heartbreak and help them in their recovery process. For this same reason DJ Soxxy ‘s wife also known as Ciiku Wa Soxxy recently went on to mourn both her late parents.

Celebrity couple, DJ Soxxy and Anne Waichigo with their two children

In an emotional post, Ciiku went on to remember her parents as she also talked about some of the lessons grief has taught her. Although it’s not easy to accept and move on after losing a loved one, Ciiku went on to write saying;

One lesson I have learnt: You cannot distract your grief away. I thought if I “lived more” my grief wouldn’t feel as heavy or if I made myself as busy as possible that I wouldn’t have to be alone… But grief finds a way to creep back in…

Missing them

According to the lady, if she were given just a chance to call and check up on them, then she would do this in a heartbeat. Through her IG, Mrs Soxxy went on to add;

DJ Soxxy with her late parents

It will be bumping into someone with their daddy or mummy or something happens and I wish I could call them to have a laugh or as I pick my shoes and I see her shoes on the shoe rack.. Or just a memory of them creeps in…You can’t distract grief away, pull a seat let it sit and plan a way of walking together.

I miss my two favorite people.




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