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Idah Alisha: Celina is not that kind of friend who would die for you or go to jail for you

January 19, 2018 at 07:33
Idah Alisha: Celina is not that kind of friend who would die for you or go to jail for you

Former Mother-In-Law actress Idah Alisha has revealed the kind of friend Catherine Kamau aka Celina is. The actress says her BFF wouldn’t go to jail for her.

Celina and Idah Alisha (Olive) were enemies on Mother-In-Law when they were still casting for the Citizen TV program. Celina played the role of Olive’s step-mother.

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In real life Celina and Olive are Best Friends Forever (BFF). Alisha says Celina is not the kind of friend who would kill for you but would rather be an accomplice in that murder.

Catherine Kamau and Idah Alisha

Ride or die

She further says that Celina wouldn’t go to jail for her but would rather be her jail-mate. Idah used weird analogy to reveal how much Celina values their friendship.

“You know those friends who’d kill for you? Die for you and even go to jail for you? Yeah… I don’t think @kate_actress is one of them… she wouldn’t! But I know she’d die with me… be an alibi if I killed someone and probably be my cell mate too! This one here is more than a best friend! A real definition of #RideOrDie … this woman here gives me a reason to smile even when I’m down! I love you my human barbie! To the moon and back! #BestBestFriendInTheWorld #HeyGoodLooks #HeyBossMoves #MyLove #WhatDISTANCE??” Wrote Idah Alisha.






  1. Lovely ladies

  2. Kila mtu abebe mzigo wake,that is how life is

  3. Hehehe ride or die forever

  4. Otieno Douglas : January 19, 2018 at 3:18 pm

    Those looks are dangerous!

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