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Iliweza! Saumu’s response after a woman alleged to be carrying Senator Anwar’s pregnancy

September 18, 2019 at 12:09
Iliweza! Saumu's response after a woman alleged to be carrying Senator Anwar's pregnancy

Saumu Mbuvi and her lover, Senator Anwar are savoring their moments together before they make it official.

Saumu has made hints on a possible engagement and eventually a marriage should things go right between her and the Lamu Senator.

Surprisingly, Saumu made this revelation after a woman allegedly claimed to be carrying a child they sired with the legislator.

Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip

The lady who is a mother to a 15 year-old daughter narrated:

He (Senator Anwar) inboxed me through messenger after seeing my Facebook page. At first, he told me he had a business idea he wanted to share with me but things changed later when we met.

Adding that they met and spent two days at his home in Nairobi before he left to Kisumu for a ‘security meeting’.

He never got in touch with me again. After three weeks, I started feeling unwell and when I took a test, I found out I was pregnant.

Legislator Anwar

From his end, the Senator’s story takes a different angle, because according to him:

It is annoying. Someone wants to revive a relationship that existed over 6 months ago and wants to use it to tarnish my name.


Saumu is least bothered with the allegations thrown at her lover because what is to come is much greater for her.

Davido had the longest jumpy period of his life …shot videos with the most beautiful women alive ..but look at him now …Every woman would want to be Chioma right now .That kind of Love exists and it takes a lot more than just looks and sex

This current life is here to prepare us for the next life ..and what really matters most is for us to love and to be loved ..
So if you have anything to say to me , …say it now ,enjoy your 2 minutes of fame or be QUIET forever …
Love always wins , and
Light always Outshines Darkness
I don’t want to be the first one to break the GOODNEWS…😶😶I will leave it to my MR..
You will forever be my Bestfriend..❤️

During an interview with KISS 100, Saumu noted that she and Anwar share a friendship bond that is far more than love.

And for her, that is what makes the difference from her past relationships.

Let’s wait for the events to unfold!




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