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“I’ll fight your battles” Karen Nyamu pours out her heart while celebrating son’s 1st birthday

November 16, 2021 at 13:47
“I’ll fight your battles” Karen Nyamu pours out her heart while celebrating son’s 1st birthday

City lawyer c*m politician Karen Nyamu is one happy mum to have marked one year of having her son around. The mother of two on Monday, 16 November celebrated her baby boy with a loving message that left tears on our eyes.

As seen on her page, Ms Karen Nyamu went on to unveil a never seen before video of Sam; and judging from the footage – let’s just say there is no need of a DNA to confirm this is Samidoh’s boy.

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Anyway, to celebrate the 365 days ride around the sun, Ms Nyamu marked this special day as she wrote;

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s son

My baby you’re a beautiful blessing to me. You deserve the very best life has to offer. You have taught me a love I didn’t know before. Our bond is one of life’s most precious gifts.

Favorite baby

Being her first baby boy, it’s no secret that Karen Nyamu adores her son more than anything else in her life.

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She went on to prove this in the detailed post where she promised to fight for baby Sam’s battles; and just like any other caring mum – Karen went on to remind her son that she will forever be by his side. Karen wrote;

Nyamu with Samidoh’s son

Dadi, you can count on me to always be there. I’ll fight your battles, and if I give up on any you can be sure that mommy tried her best. I look forward to beautiful moments ahead of us. I love you too much baby. Happy birthday son! My son.

Samidoh on the other hand did not post anything about his son’s special day; but judging from how he likes to low key love his other family (with Karen)…probably daddy celebrated Sam’s birthday on the low too.




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