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I’m Only Being Approached By Married Men! Kamene Goro Shouts

March 02, 2021 at 09:45
I'm Only Being Approached By Married Men! Kamene Goro Shouts

After announcing her intentions to get a man and settle down, Kamene has opened up about being approached only by married men. The 28 year old media personality is one of the hottest females in the media industry. Kamene claims that there’s a shortage of single men in the country.

Speaking alongside Jalang’o, she said,

Kamene Goro-IG

”Hakuna wanaume. Wako wapi? I’m telling you, of 33 men, 30 were married. And this were just guys that were coming into my WhatsApp, who have my number or have been given my number. There’s even one who texted me this morning akisema. Morning, alafu amenitumia hio screenshot ya Tuko. How legitimate is this?… People took it seriously and I was like, okay. Men started hallaing and I’m like, okay, this one looks good, this one sounds funny. Yeah, you look like you smell nice.

Lakini all of them are married and I’m like, oh, my God. There are literally no men. Ladies are you struggling to find a man?”

Kamene’s preference is that she wants a man who is 40 years. However, Jalang’o advised her that it’s hard to get a man who is 40 years and not married,

” There is no man who is 40 in this town who is not married. If they’re not married, they’re divorced. If they’re not divorced, they have a baby mama somewhere and wanavutana kuvurutana. Number three, if they’re not married at 40, kuna shida tu fulani.”

What do you think about Kamene’s preference? Will she be able to find  good, clean man who is 40 years?


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