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“I’m proud of my physique” Bootyful senator Millicent Omanga responds to claims her butt are too big for economy seat

August 28, 2018 at 08:46
"I'm proud of my physique" Bootyful senator Millicent Omanga responds to claims her butt are too big for economy seat

Nominated senator Millicent Omanga sparked uproar after report emerge that she sought preferential treatment when flying on grounds that her buttocks are too big they can’t fit on economy class seat.

The sufficiently endowed senator reportedly wrote to Parliamentary Service Commission  (PSC) seeking permission to fly business class at the expense of Kenyan taxpayers. She argues that seats for local flights are too small for her humongous butt.

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Millicent Omanga

Millicent Omanga

Sexist click

Millicent Omanga came out all guns blazing following the report on her booty. The senator denied she made such a request to fly business class because of her big booty.

My attention has been drawn to the story appearing on the Sunday Standard and also available on their online platform accompanied by a sexist click and bait headline in reference to my shape. Despite the Speaker and Clerk of the Senate saying they are not aware of such a request I made to PSC, It is unfathomable that the newspaper spared a whole page to belabor on pettiness rather than focus on issues that are of importance to Kenyans. It points to poor journalistic practices where readers are inundated with sensationalized stories each passing day and trivia, misinformation and disinformation are given prominence for commercial purposes. It would help to remind the newspaper, and anybody else who shares in their warped thinking, that I’m proud of my self and my physique and neither sexist headlines meant to egg readers into reading a convoluted story nor journalistic skulduggery will change it. I remain unmoved by that nonsense but my advise to armchair journalists who have nothing to write is that there are so much to write out there, especially human interest stories, that only an idle mind would find time to peddle rumours and half-truths. My only focus and commitment for now is serving the people.






  1. John musembi satana : August 28, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Am proud of you Milly despite what people say people were created with different opinions Milly you always smart,cute with a nice smile. Congratulations for that.addition I could like to humbly request for you Milly unisave na job please am really strangling to raise my kid and my family Am ready to work for Ata kama utanilipa 9000 Please am leaving in pipplne

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