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“Proud to be under your authority and ready to submit to you,” Diana Marua sweetly gushes over husband in open love letter

November 04, 2020 at 14:42
“Proud to be under your authority and ready to submit to you,” Diana Marua sweetly gushes over husband in open love letter

The Bahatis were out on their 5th anniversary vacation down at Zanzibar Islands, and for Diana Marua, life would never have been this good were it not for her husband.

Her heartbeat, the man she cannot picture the rest of her life without. A man who taught her that true love still exists and one who makes her feel like the Queen she is.

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For Ms Marua, “one thing she is assured of is her future with Bahati”.

Her open love letter

After a 5-day spend down at the Coastal hub, the young lovebirds are finally back home but for Diana, her heart is heavy. Heavy with tears of love and a cocktail of emotions.

The Bahatis on vacation

If only she could cry, if only she could scream at the top of her lungs.

“I want to laugh, I want to hug you, I want to take Cellotape and wrap us together. To kiss you, hold your hands and never let you go,” reads her open love letter to the father of her kids.

“I’ve met soo many people/ dated a few/ lived with a few. NO ONE, matches the love, the joy, the happiness and the peace that you have given me,” she continues.

Diana Marua sweetly gushes over husband, Bahati

When she sees Bahati, she sees God smiling, winking at her and reminding her that he makes it beautiful in his own time.

“Many times I’ve cried and told you that you’re too much. You’re not letting me breath but each day, I see it differently,” Marua pours out her heart.

To a man who pushes her to go become the best version of herself and who she forever remains indebted to.

Diana pens heartfelt letter

“I’m sorry for the times I’ve complained not looking at it from a Win perspective,” she regrets.

A husband she prayed for and was given and for that, she beautifully wraps up;

“Thank you For being the Head of Our Home. I am proud to be under your Authority, I am Happy to Submit to you. May God Continue to give me the Grace to be the Best to you. To our kids and to love you whole heartedly. I Love You My King!”




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