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‘I’m Selling My Womb’-Huddah Monroe Reveals How Much It Will Cost To Have A Baby With Her (Screenshot)

December 23, 2021 at 06:09
'I'm Selling My Womb'-Huddah Monroe Reveals How Much It Will Cost To Have A Baby With Her (Screenshot)

‘Babies come at their own time’. This is what Huddah Monroe has maintained over several years of skeptical fans bothering her on when she’s going to conceive and have her own baby. But the flamboyant socialite is not one to bow down to public pressure; especially on such a paramount issue of giving birth.

On the other hand, her fellow socialite Vera Sidika is already out here flaunting her beautiful baby; and can’t keep her camera off her adorable face.

Baby Fever?

Maybe Huddah thinks it’s high time for her to also have her own- but this comes at a price! Any man who wants to sire a baby with her will have to pay handsomely for her womb.

The exquisite slim thick socialite has now revealed that she’s ready to ‘sell her womb’ for $1,000,000 (one million dollars). Through her Instagram stories, Huddah shared the intriguing details as she wrote;

”I’m selling my womb. Lol! $1,000,000. To be your baby momma. Child support we shall agree while we f*king to conceive.”

Too Much To Ask?

Huddah has proved on several occasions that she’s into material wealth and a lavish lifestyle. The amount of money she’s asking for might sound peculiar to many, but the kind of deluxe lifestyle Huddah has been living in Dubai makes it worth asking for.


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