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“I’m sick. My ribs and body is hurting” Miguna strips to show injuries he suffered after being beaten at the airport

March 29, 2018 at 08:57
"I’m sick. My ribs and body is hurting" Miguna strips to show injuries he suffered after being beaten at the airport

Miguna Miguna was on Wednesday night deported to Dubai despite a court order requiring that he be released and produced in court on Thursday.

The NRM general had been locked at a toilet in JKIA ever since he touched down in Kenya. Attempts by Miguna’s lawyers to see him were thwarted by police who camped at the airport.

Assaulted, drugged and dragged

Miguna says that he was beaten and drugged before being bundled into the Dubai-bound plane. He further reveals that state officials who traveled with him to Dubai intend to force him to board a London-bound plane.

“I was dragged, assaulted, drugged and forcefully flown to Dubai. I woke up in Dubai and the despots are here insisting that I must travel on to London. I’m sick. I need medical treatment. A Mr. Njihia is threatening me. I need urgent help here. I want to take a flight only to Nairobi. Nowhere else!
I’m sick. My ribs and body is hurting all over. This is a travesty of justice!” Wrote Miguna Miguna.







  1. Wah

    • All shall be well our General.You stand out as one where the rest have failed. my condolence to you, may God strengthen you Sir.

  2. Sasa huyuuu

  3. Hehe

  4. Raila hajakutetea?

  5. Look at whom you are fighting for

  6. FRANCIS MWENDWA : March 29, 2018 at 9:43 am

    it is realy hurting.

  7. It’s really scaring, may justice come

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