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“I’m tired of sleeping alone!” Akothee in need of a male companion

August 11, 2020 at 12:20
“I’m tired of sleeping alone!” Akothee in need of a male companion

Singer Akothee is well known for her dramatic online posts that seem to speak to massive. Unlike most millionaires, Akothee lives an ordinary life of entertaining fans on her social media pages!

So far we have seen her bash fans, her exes but this time around the mother of 5 is lonely and needs a man. Not my words but hers! As seen on her latest post the singer not only complains of loneliness; but says her next should be ready to own her in public and not just in private.

Through her Instagram page, Akothee wrote the prayer in a detailed post where she said;

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Businesswoman, Akothee

My prayer 2020 ,

I wish to have someone hold my hands ,both in public and private . Hii Mambo ya kufichwa fichwaKama ARVS sitaki . I will come out in public and introduce you ,if you don’t want to introduce me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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If a man isn’t proud of you in public ,then let him not ask for your goodies in private ,we don’t want thieves. They will steal your things Your heart, freedom, and peace. I am just here waiting for my Mr wrong ,and I will drug that  idiot to the right.

My own man

Unlike other women who wouldn’t mind bedding another woman’s husband; the singer made it known that she is not ready to fight for anybody – that is if he belongs to someone else!

Akothee with son, Prince Ojwang and his dad

Having had 3 baby daddies and is still single, we are not sure whether Akothee’s wealth threatens them to a point of leaving without being told; or could it be that she was destined to be alone? Who know?

I am tayad  of sleeping alone . Finish Call DCIO. If I am tayad I am tayad ,you can’t bit me for speaking my heart.Responsible men are taken & their wives are very Kali. Sorry sir ,I don’t want new introductions. I want my own.. Goodnight.





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