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Imposter using Baha’s name exposed for conning innocent aspiring actors and models!

March 21, 2018 at 08:12
Imposter using Baha's name exposed for conning innocent aspiring actors and models!

Popular Machachari actor Baha is said to have an imposter using his identity on Facebook; to milk money from upcoming models and actors.

Apparently an unknown person has been posing like the actor on Facebook; making many believed that it’s actually Baha.

He has not only been promising acting jobs to the youths but has been charging them a certain amount in the DM.

Having come so far in his acting career, his fans are convinced that someone out there is out to make him look bad.

However, most Facebook users have been warned not to fall for such cheap stunts since this is not the first time a celebrity is being cat-fished!

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Njugush exposes imposter

A few weeks ago comedian Njuguna was forced to expose a Facebook page using his information. He went on to ask his fans to ignore the page and mostly not be conned by the user.

So far, the likes of Size 8 among others have also been victims of Facebook imposters but luckily controlled the damage just in time.




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