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“In loving memory…” Zari Hassan commemorates late mom in moving tribute

May 11, 2020 at 10:43
"In loving memory..." Zari Hassan commemorates late mom in moving tribute

As Mother’s Day chipped in, Zari Hassan decided to celebrate her late mother in a series of photos and an emotional tribute.

The gift of a mother is divine, a soul that is irreplaceable and a being braver than a soldier in the battle field.

This sure rings a bell and leaves a mark in Zari Hassan’s mind and heart every time she thinks about her late mom.

Businesswoman, Zari Hassan

To the woman who gave her life, taught her values, watched her grow into a woman, a mother, she owes her life and much more.

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In a long, sweet yet emotional letter, the Boss Lady inked:

Here is to the one person who gave me true meaning of life and love. You nurtured me into the woman i am today.

A woman who dedicated everything just to see her girl have a meal on the table and a roof over her head, Zari felt indebted to her.

I never lacked. To you i owe my whole life and the next life. In the loving memory of my dearest Queen. Happy mother’s day.

Zari Hassan’s mom

In faith, Mama Tiffah added:

I know you keep shining from above. May your soul keep resting in peace with all the other departed moms.💕🙏

Zari went ahead to reveal that her mom’s Somali look is because she was half Indian.

The mother of 5 shared a series of throwback photos of her breathtaking mum while still a young girl and no lie, Tiffah is a copyright of Zari’s mom.

Zari Hassan with her mom (left) and daughter, Tiffah (right)

Recently, Zari confessed just how much Tiffah had taken after her mom and being the only daughter, it would not be wrong to guess that Princess Tiffah took it all.


Fans and followers gushed over Zari’s late mom’s throwback photos expressing:

zaridieharddaily Happy heavenly mother’s day Bibi 🙏😍💐 #rip


nhlanhla_nciza The queen is beautiful my angel ❤️🌺
rose_salome_mbwambo she look like Tiffa oh! My God she was beautiful.

Zari, this pic is that your sister? and that child is your younger brother?

irynnamubiru What a beauty! B Beautiful Bibi ❤️ Happy mothers ‘Day
aniepaul100 Kumbe wafanana na tiffa

She look like tiffa


Zari Hassan with her mom

Zari Hassan’s mom

Zari Hassan’s mom

Zari Hassan’s mom

Zari Hassan with her mom (in Green)





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