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Inama Inuka; Susumila is back featuring Petra

April 18, 2019 at 19:17
Inama Inuka; Susumila is back featuring Petra

Inama Inuka is Susumila’s new track featuring Petra. Susumila is a Kenyan Coastal based artist while Petra is a Seychelles nationality based in Kenya. The duo has done a great collaboration leaving most of their fans amazed. Petra’s voice introduces the song. This lad is very flexible, look at her moves as she sings the first verse. Inama Inuka is a love song. The audio was produced bt Teknixx and the video by Kevin Bosco Jnr.  Inama is simply bending and inuka means rising.  The song has been done mostly in Swahili and a few words in English.

Petra does most of her verses in English and it comes out nicely. The flow is amazing; I like this verse; “Me ndio nafanya hawa maboy wanadata Madem na machali wote pia wote wanataka Haraka haraka  Najua waipenda sana nikichora saba Baby songa hapa  Najua waipenda sana nikichora saba” This verse is good. Kuchora saba tu, the lady in this case is driving men crazy and she wanna please the guy. The verse shows creativity of the duo.

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The Jamaican style too didn’t fail; “Demand him haffi case case You are de ting pon me My man have it on mi wishlist”. Petra raps so well bring out the rapper in her.

On his side Susumila does not dissapoint, he has put enough energy in this song. He has done the bridge and it is so good. The repetition of the bridge brings out the title ‘Inama Inuka’ out and gives the song clear understanding. For instance; “Unavyo inama, unavyo inuka(weee) Unanifanya me nameza mate Unavyo inama, unavyo inuka(weee) Unanifanya mpaka me nidate”. It means that the way the lady bends over and rises makes the dude salivate.

Looking at the lyrics, the target audience is the young people. This song can be played anywhere but mostly it would do good in a club, especially when people are celebrating or lovers having having. I like how the voices of Susumila and Petra flow. It is a good collabo. Rating the song at 8/10.

Click on the link below to watch the video.

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