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Inauma lakini atazoea! Kahush reveals the one thing that turns him off in a woman (Video)

September 25, 2020 at 17:44
Inauma lakini atazoea! Kahush reveals the one thing that turns him off in a woman (Video)

Kahush is the latest guest to be featured on jalang’o TV and boy were his fans waiting to know the young singer; especially since he keeps his private life off social media, if not talking about music.

Well, his interview with Jalang’o was not any different; but at least we finally got to learn a thing a two about the now celebrated artist. Speaking to Jalang’o for the first time – Kahush not only revealed the inspiration behind his ‘Me siwezi‘ stop; and turns out that it was dedicated to an ex.

Just like most young men, Kahush understands the pain a heartache comes with. However thanks to his musical skills, he decided to use the negative energy into better use; and now we have another hit song putting the Kenyan music on the map.


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About the ladies!

As usual Jalang’o had to make conversation with the cool kid who he went on to ask a few questions regarding his preference in women. When asked who he prefers between short and tall girls; just like any other man, he chose to go for both.

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However, there is one thing about women that turns him off completely. Well, as for those women who like to lie a lot, well let’s just say that Kahush will not be looking your way; now or in future.




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