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Inside Huddah’s classy home!

January 16, 2020 at 19:36
Inside Huddah’s classy home!

Socialite Huddah has one beautiful home that she rarely flaunts on her Instagram page.

Her fans and most celebrities have no idea where she even lives but thanks to her Instagram stories we once in a while get to see the posh home.

Looking at the latest posts of her home it is evident to see that Huddah is a lady with good and expensive taste. Since she only shared photos from her bedroom, one can say that she sleeps like the queen she claims to be!

Huddah’s expensive lifestyle

We can not confirm whether the house she is currently living in is a rental or a home she bought.

Apart from her house, Huddah has also proven to be an expensive shopper who would spend 100k plus on shoes or a simple handbag.

Anyway below are the few photos of her home.





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