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Inside Wema Sepetu’s fancy house 

December 01, 2017 at 09:58
Inside Wema Sepetu's fancy house 

Tanzanian sweetheart has lately been making a lot of headlines on most tabloids in East Africa. In fact this could be another strategy to get her name out there since she has been keeping  a low profile for months.

Just recently she shared new photos showing off her amazing curves now that she has lost some body weight. Looking at the photos, we can all agree that she looks amazing and in a couple of months she might get back her model like figure.

In other news she left many taking a few hours after sharing what sounded like a suicidal thought. This came shortly after she was trolled on social media but unlike before, Wema Sepetu did not fuss or fight back. She went on to reveal that she sometimes wishes she were dead something that shocked many.

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Wema’s career and achievements.

In 2006 the lady emerged as Miss Tanzania capturing many peoples attention. After losing her title she then joined the film industry that saw her make enough money to buy her own properties. She now owns a bungalow estimated to cost around Tsh 18 million.

I bumped into a few photos showing how lovely her house looks from inside. Though the photos are not new, we now have an idea of how the house looks like.





  1. thats the interior decor…i thought its the view from outside. wheres the showcase for the other rooms

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