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“Instead of asking us to play Kenyan music be the mentors” Jalang’o tells Sauti Sol to share their secret with other musicians

January 11, 2019 at 07:32
"Instead of asking us to play Kenyan music be the mentors" Jalang'o tells Sauti Sol to share their secret with other musicians

There is no doubt Sauti Sol are the most successful Kenyan musicians. Jalang’o wants the group to share their secret with other Kenyan musicians instead of joining the bandwagon demanding 100% airplay.

Sauti Sol’s Bien took to social media to show his support to musicians demanding Kenyan music to be given priority when it comes to airplay on radio and TV.

“Kenyan music always comes with the word support. When you play Beyonce are you supporting her? I don’t know. Don’t support Kenyan music. Consume it, live it. It’s great,” wrote Bien.

Be the mentor

Jalang’o replied telling Bien to mentor other musicians instead of just calling for Kenyan music to be given 100% airplay, the Milele FM presenter says that Sauti Sol should share their secret with other musicians.

“Good…Now tell them why your music enjoy high rotation…I have really been waiting for your post or a post from Sautisol…to tell other artists why you’ve never complained about airplay! Bien you know how you work hard to get your music out there! Before any of your songs is out we receive emails , teasers and even a press release! After that it’s a series of calls to radio stations booking interviews left right and center! You show up at interviews on time…I have seen you guys do more than 5 interview in a day! You toil ! You post people dancing to your songs…you do challenges and within a week the whole country know about your new song! To make even yourself bigger you’ve collabod with TZ and are international! I remember when you guys were hawking your music! It doesn’t come easy! People work! And until the same work ethics are instilled in our Kenyan artists we can play Kenya Music 100% and it will never go anywhere! So instead of asking about playing Kenya Music be Mentors in the industry! You can only take one portion at a time! Sautisol are Legends, UPCOMING and even new artists! No bro it doesn’t work like that! Hold people hands fam! You know the ropes!” Jalang’o commented on Bien’s post.

Bien replied saying;

“@jalangoo I agree. People must work. I can equally attest that you are one hard working guy. But now all this is beyond us. It’s about what our kids will inherit. Let’s all play our parts but let’s give US priority. Mcheza kwao hutunzwa.”








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