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Intimate videos of Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo so drunk in love gets Kenyans talking

October 01, 2020 at 10:19
Intimate videos of Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo so drunk in love gets Kenyans talking

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Vera Sidika and her now fiance Brown Mauzo have gone all in to publicly display their affection for each other in a series of videos and photos that have since gone viral.

Barely hours after dropping the major announcement on their engagement, the lovebirds have been spotted cuddling and romancing each other in public like teenage sweethearts.

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Love knows no boundaries

Brown Mauzo proved his unconditional love for his babe whether in her natural or artificial look, clearly seen in this video of the two getting playful in broad daylight. Thereafter romancing each other in her office, for all to see.

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Then came this video of the two so drunk in love, randomly planting kisses on each other while locked in a tight embrace (Swipe left).

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Not until Vera was heard calling her babe baby daddy’, leaving fans confused, only for the Coastal-based artist to sweetly responded by calling her Amaka. The two were heard on several occasions joking with the word. Listen in;

The two literally got no boundaries, be it dusk or dawn, in-house or in the car, Vera was left heartbroken after her light-skin lad had to reportedly leave for Nairobi, just hours after getting engaged.

Clearly, fans stand to believe their crazy affair is headed for the ditch but that remains but wishes. We can only wait. Let me drop this here;

Comment section

The pair’s unfiltered PDAs were welcomed with love and hate in equal measure.

Mtu hufeel aje akikula plastic 🤔🤔

I wouldn’t be surprised if she bought her own engagement ring…

pizzo_nh Mnatoa wimbo pamoja hivi mnaachana😂😂😂🙌


esco4_2_0 Shakila ameomoka😂😂😂😂


bearxhenry Wataachana tu 😹😹 kama cardi b na offset wanaeza achana 😹😹 aaii who r they, mary n Joseph 😹😹👀
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