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Is Andrew Kibe romancing Kamene Goro on the low? He speaks

January 14, 2020 at 12:04
Is Andrew Kibe romancing Kamene Goro on the low? He speaks

Kamene Goro and Kibe are once again making headlines in the country thanks to Edgar Obare.

Well one of Edgar’s fans reached out to the journalist hoping he would investigate whether Kibe and Kamene have a romantic relationship off social media.

Edgar Obare’s posts

At this point another fan went on to tell Edgar that she once spotted Kamene and Kibe Kamene making out in a car somewhere along Lang’ata road.

Andrew Kibe responds

This not being the first time Kibe and Kamene are said to be an item or friends with benefits; seems that he didn’t mind responding to Edgar’s posts.

Edgar Obare’s post

Well, whether the two are dating or not we can’t ignore the strong chemistry between them. But below is a screenshot of Andrew Kibe’s response.

Andrew Kibe’s response

A while back rumor had it that Kamene Goro got slapped by one of Kibe’s women and things were not so pretty.

She went on to narrate the story on air saying;

This babe that came with Andrew Kibe starts acting crazy all over again; she doing splits, entertaining us alright. I think the devil in her chomokad from I don’t know where so she decided Kamene is my Agenda. So she comes all up in my case. I’m telling akina Kibe guys can you hola at this babe and please tell her I’m not the one. You don’t play with me. You guy in a hot quick minute right across my face this babe chomoad her hand from the back of her head and descended on me. You know all I felt was heat at first on my face. This whole time, all I could say was, have I just been slapped





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